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Choose the right boiler for your home Fill in your data and get a list of suggested boilers

If you need a new boiler

To get advice about choosing the right boiler, you need to follow the steps below.

Click on each box to change the settings.

Step 1 Which country do you live in?

Country Sweden

Step 2 Which type of home do you live in?

  Input Result
Heated living space [m2] 130  
Floor to ceiling height [m] 2.5  
Annual heat demand [kWh/year]   6000

Step 3 What is the sanitary hot water demand of your household?

  Input Result
Number of people living in the house 4  
Annual sanitary hot water efficiency [%] 70  
Estimated boiler contributed sanitary hot water demand [kWh/year]   2600

Step 4 How is your home heated?

  Input Result
Heating method Radiators  
Design temperature set [°C]   75/65
Power output [kW]   13.0

Step 5 What are your energy prices?

  Input Result
Electricity [€ / kWh] 0.1200  
Natural gas [€ / m3] 0.4700  
Oil [€ / liter] 0.8000  
LPG [€ / kg] 0.7600  

Step 6 Do you have specific boiler wishes?

  Input Result
  0 boilers selected
Market All  
Boiler type All  
Mounting All  
Fuel Natural gas  
Boiler wishes

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